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Competition-based active learning instruction for drone education

Received 07 Oct 2021, Accepted 13 Sep 2022, Published online: 10 Oct 2022

Pramod Abichandani, Deepan Lobo, Branislav Dimitrijevic, Ashish Borgaonkar, Jaskirat Sodhi, Smit Kabrawala, Daniel Brateris & Moshe Kam

Source: Taylor Francis Online

Unpacking High School Students’ Motivational Influences in Project-Based Learning

Published online: January 2023

Prateek Shekhar, Heydi Dominguez, Pramod Abichandani, Craig Iaboni

Source: ResearchGate

Artificial intelligence and computer vision education: Codifying student learning gains and attitudes

Received 23 June 2023, Revised 31 July 2023, Accepted 31 July 2023, Available online 9 August 2023, Version of Record 10 August 2023

Pramod Abichandani, Craig Iaboni, Deepan Lobo, Thomas Kelley

Source: ScienceDirect

Internet-of-Things Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment for STEM Education: A Review of Literature

Published online: April 4, 2022

Pramod Abichandani, Vidhusheidhaa Sivakumar, Deepan Lobo, Craig Iaboni, Prateek Shekhar

Source: IEEE Xplore

Preparing Students for Drone Careers Using Active Learning Instruction

Published online: September 6, 2021

Deepan Lobo, Drashti Patel, Jorim Morainvile, Prateek Shekhar, Pramod Abichandani

Source: IEEE Xplore

An Introductory Internet of Things Curriculum for Grades 9-12 Computer Science Classes

Published online: November 29, 2022

Pramod Abichandani, Deepan Lobo, Prateek Shekhar

Source: IEEE Xplore

Solar Energy Education Through a Cloud-Based Desktop Virtual Reality System

Published online: October 4, 2019

Pramod Abichandani, William McIntyre, William Fligor, Deepan Lobo

Source: IEEE Xplore

A cloud enabled virtual reality based pedagogical ecosystem for wind energy education

Published online: February 19, 2015

Pramod Abichandani, William Fligor, Eli Fromm

Source: IEEE Xplore