Pramod Abichandani

Our Story

  • When LocoRobo Founder Dr. Pramod Abichandani was working on his Ph.D., he experienced frustration working with the robot kits in the market, finding them expensive and cumbersome to use. The idea came to him to build a low cost robot that was accessible and connected to a platform that would allow students to begin to learn how to write code immediately. With a fully built, tested and functional robot, students could easily move past the building process directly into programming. This would empower students with skills to make a lasting impact in this world through programming and Robotics.

  • Inspired by the potential educational impact of his idea, Abichandani, now a Professor at a university in Philadelphia, co-founded LocoRobo Innovations, Inc with two engineering students in 2015. Released in Summer 2015, LocoXtreme is now the most advanced robot on the market for teaching modern coding languages - Python, C, Javascript and MATLAB. The magic happens in the LocoRobo Academy - a world of knowledge and interactive tools for developing skills in Robotics, programming, sensors, physics, statistics, green energy and more!

Our Vision

  • It doesn't stop there. LocoRobo‚Äôs trajectory is set to define the future of technological, scientific and digital literacy. We build educational products designed to engage students, makers, hackers, professionals and executives in hands-on, experiential learning to empower them to pursue their dreams in the 21st Century. LocoEnergy creates a virtual world full of resources necessary to study renewable energy and engineering design. Platforms Python Arduino and MATLAB Arduino harness in-depth tutorials, videos, downloadable code and innovative product builders to make Internet of Things more accessible than ever before!

  • LocoSummer Summer Workshop Students and Teachers