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Meet MyLoopy

Ignite your young students with a sense of wonder with hands-on engagement in early coding and STEAM concepts through Loopy’s quirky personality and codable expressions.

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How MyLoopy Works

  • Robot and BLE Dongle

    Program Loopy’s lights, eye expressions and voice responses based on 7 sensors

  • LocoRobo Academy Coding Platform

    100+ Multi-Disciplinary STEAM, Robotics and Coding Lessons covering core science, math, social studies and language arts.

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MyLoopy's World of Sensors

  • Light

    If you turn out the lights, be careful—Loopy might get scared! He can also tell if the light gets too bright for his eyes.

  • Tilt

    Loopy can feel if he’s being shaken, dropped, picked up, or tilted.

  • Motion

    Start walking with Loopy and he can sense when he’s on the go!

  • Proximity

    Loopy can sense what’s nearby—or when you might be sneaking up on him!

  • Touch

    Loopy knows when you grab him, rub his belly or tickle him.

  • Temperature

    Loopy loves to be at a comfortable temperature and will let you know if the room gets too hot or cold.

Multidisciplinary STEAM Lessons

  • My Loopy forms an engaging and interactive way to incorporate modern coding and robotics curriculum into the K-2 classroom. All the curriculum is offered through our website called the LocoRobo Academy.

    • • Explore the science behind sensors, light and sound with Loopy's robotics technology.
    • • Dive into core science and science application topics, fully aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and state standards.
    • • Teach early coding and STEM concepts with a colorful, easy-to-use, programming block interface. Code My Loopy in Python and Javascript (for Grades 3-5).
    • • Lessons in Social Studies, Math and Reading.
    • • Access full lesson plans and teaching guides with instructional videos, Q&A activities and printable worksheets.
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