Empower your students for the future with hands-on engagement in real world coding and robotics. Effortlessly.

    • Modern Robotics

      LocoXtreme is a real robot power packed with 6 sensors. Go beyond STEM toys and coding playgrounds!

    • Industry Standard Coding

      Code in Python, C/C++, Java and Javascript, the languages powering the future

    • Ignite Your Classroom

      LocoXtreme adds project-based learning and hands-on engagement to any K-12 STEM, technology, computer science and engineering class

    • Multidisciplinary

      Teach coding, robotics, sensors, physics, math, reading, music, 3D design and more!

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Meet LocoXtreme, the most advanced codable ground robot with elastic K-12 STEM education.

LocoXtreme allows endless creative teaching opportunities through the use of 6 different sensors. Inspire students to create sophisticated motion patterns using motor encoders. Detect obstacles using the ultrasonic sensor. Teach the concept of gravity using the accelerometer and gyroscope. Unravel the mystery of the Earth's magnetic field using magnetometers. Have students create temperature based behaviors.

Gyroscope sensor for robot rotation Gyroscope
Accelerometer sensor for robot tilt detection Accelerometer
Ultrasonic sensor for detecting obstacles Ultrasonic
Sensor for measuring room temperature Temperature
Motor encoders to measure how far the robot has moved Motor
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    Grades 6-7: LocoXtreme Explorer

  • Explorer

    • Visual Coding
    • Python Coding
    • Grades 6-7
    • Math, Science, English
    • • LocoBlocks and Beginner Python
    • • Intro to Robotics and Sensors
    • • Programming Fundamentals
    • • Mazes, Ramps, Songs and Dance with Robots!
  • "Great success our first year with LocoXtreme robots. Hands down the best level of engagement all year. The robots provide all of the ingredients necessary to make beginner coders feel successful. Plus, they help develop a wide range of skill sets: problem solving, communication, collaboration and more."

    Michael Scancella
    Tammy M. STEM Teacher, New York

    Grades 8-12: LocoXtreme Voyager

  • Voyager

    • Python Coding
    • C/C++ Coding
    • Grades 8-12
    • Physics, Statistics
    • • Beginner to Intermediate Python
    • • Industry Standards Coding Practices
    • • Sensor Physics
    • • Geometry and Statistics
    • • Real-World Projects - games, music, navigation and swarm robotics!
  • "In my 17 years of teaching, I’ve never had such as high level of student excitement and engagement. LocoRobo has captured the interest of my students and has been an amazing tool for teaching programming. Choosing LocoRobo for my programming curriculum has been one of the best decisions of my career."

    Computer Science Teacher
    Jeff D. Computer Science Teacher, Pennsylvania

    Grades K-2: LocoXtreme Baby Steps

  • Baby Steps

    • Visual Coding

    • Grades K-2
    • Math, Science, English, Social Studies
    • • Intro To Coding With LocoBlocks
    • • Core Science and Math
    • • Creative and Critical Thinking
    • • Sensory Awareness
    • • Robotics Missions - games, music and navigation!
  • "We are all learning about robotics and programming together. The LocoRobo team is hands-on and it was very easy to get up and running. And the LocoXtreme robot gets my students excited to do math!"

    Computer Science Teacher
    Dexter W. 2nd Grade Teacher, Texas

    Grades 3-5: LocoXtreme Pioneer

  • Pioneer

    • Visual Coding
    • Python Coding
    • Grades 3-5
    • Math, Science, English, Social Studies
    • • LocoBlocks and Beginner Python
    • • Intro to Robotics and Sensors
    • • 3D Design
    • • Early Geometry, Algebra and Pattern Analysis
    • • Mazes, Ramps, Songs and Dance with Robots!
  • "The LocoRobo Academy is designed to fill the gap in education that focuses primarily on ‘tinkering’ rather than developing a deeper and valuable skill set in programming and the engineering design process."

    Computer Science Teacher
    Michael S. Gifted Support Teacher, Pennsylvania
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

  • Common Core Standards

  • State Science Standards

  • Windows

  • Mac OS

  • Chromebook

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Join the LocoRobo team for a live introduction to the LocoXtreme Robot and LocoRobo Academy.

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  • LocoXtreme Robot

    6 sensors, 8 LEDs, Programmable Sound, Motion and Lights

  • LocoRobo Academy

    Coding platform and lesson library with teaching materials

  • Elastic Education

    Curriculum for Elementary School, Middle School and High School

Why Teachers Love LocoXtreme

  • Real_World_coding

    Real-World Coding

    Get students started with graphical block coding and watch as they seamlessly transition to Python in the LocoRobo Academy.

  • TeachLikeAnExpert

    Teach like An Expert

    Tons of videos, code, lesson plans and projects. No coding teaching experience required.

  • Training_and_Support

    Top Notch Training and Tech Support

    Our engineers and educators will respond within 12 hours to any queries

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Why Students Need LocoXtreme

  • incredible-engagement

    Incredible Engagement Levels

    Students experience a sense of wonder through project based learning (PBL)

  • Untitled-9

    Get A Head Start

    Set students up for success in high school and beyond

  • Untitled-10

    Collaborative Learning

    Students learn to work in teams to solve complex, real-world challenges

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