Empower your students with the wearable technology of the future

  • LocoWear

    • Visual Data Analysis
    • Python Coding
    • Grades 6-8
    • Physics, Statistics,
    • 50+ Lessons and Challenges
  • LocoWear

    • Python Coding
    • Grades 8-12
    • Physics, Statistics,
    • 50+ Lessons and

How It Works

  • Robot and BLE Dongle

    LocoWear can be strapped anywhere on the body to collect motion data

  • LocoRobo Academy Coding Platform

    Program the LocoWear with real-world Python coding in an industry standard development environment

  • LocoRobo Academy Lessons

    Immerse students in project-based learning and multi-disciplinary lessons in programming, anatomical motion physics, statistics and data analysis in the LocoRobo Academy

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    Watch the magic unfold!

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Engaging Project Areas and Exciting Career Pathways With LocoWears

  • Medical Technologies

  • Construction

  • Military

  • Health Science

  • Manufacturing

  • Engineering & Technology

  • ...and more!

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Students apply real-world coding and sensor technology to develop health monitoring and performance analysis applications.

  • Explorer

    • • 50+ lessons
    • • Collection and analysis of real-time data
    • • Interpretation of results and graphs
    • • Introduction to programming in Python using LocoWear
    • • Programming beginner level python applications for analysis of sports and fitness performance, and human activity recognition
  • Voyager

    • • 50+ lessons
    • • Collection and analysis of real-time data using statistical concepts
    • • Interpretation of results via 10+ different types of graphs/charts
    • • Introduction and intermediate level programming in Python using LocoWear
    • • Programming Python applications for advanced analysis of sports and fitness performance data, vibrations in industrial equipment, human-machine interaction, and human activity recognition
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"When my students see the real-time data results coming through the application they created, they get incredibly excited and immediately dive into the process of critical analysis of their own movements and how to optimize their performance in sports and fitness. There's a buzz in the classroom all term, these are the highest engagement levels I have seen yet!"

Weekly Webinar Product Demos With LocoRobo

Join LocoRobo Founder, Pramod Abichandani for a live introduction to the LocoXtreme Robot and LocoRobo Academy.

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  • LocoWear

    Inertial sensors and data visualization

  • LocoRobo Academy

    Coding platform and lesson library with teaching materials

  • Elastic Education

    Curriculum for Middle School and High School levels

Why Teachers Love LocoWear

  • Real-World Coding

    Code LocoWear for health, sports and fitness performance analysis applications.

  • Teach like An Expert

    Tons of videos, code, lesson plans and projects. No coding teaching experience required.

  • Top Notch Training and Tech Support

    Our engineers and educators will respond within 12 hours to any queries

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Why Students Need LocoWear

  • Incredible Engagement Levels

    Students experience a sense of wonder through project based learning (PBL)

  • College Readiness

    Modern careers in robotics, coding, sensor technologies, and data science.

  • Collaborative Learning

    Students learn to work in teams to solve complex, real-world challenges

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  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

  • Common Core Standards

  • State Science Standards

  • Windows

  • Mac OS

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