Drone Science Camp

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  • Uncover the secrets of modern-day magic of drones by learning the mechanical construction and electronics behind modern quadcopters. In this summer camp, students will learn the mechanics, construction, physics, sensors, and coding of drones with Python.

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    • Dates

      July 13th - 17th, 2020

    • Time

      9:30am - 4:30pm

    • Location

      2125 Chestnut St. (Center City)
      Philadelphia, PA 19103

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  • Drone Science and Robotics Summer Camp in Philadelphia Building Drones at LocoSummer Drone Science and Robotics Drone Coding at LocoSummer Drone Science and Robotics

What you will learn

  • At Drone Science Camp, we will cover:

    1. Aerodynamics of drone flight

    2. Differences between Helicopter vs Quadcopter vs. Hexacopter vs Octocopter

    3. Piloting strategies

    4. Physic behind the flight control of drones

    5. Building and coding of drones

    6. Multi-drone communication

  • Schedule Of Activities

    Day 1: Intro to Drone Science: Aerodynamics and Sensors; Drone Piloting Lessons

    Day 2: Drone Mechanics; Drone Challenge #1

    Day 3: Intro to Python Coding; Drone Challenge #2

    Day 4: Coding Drone Features; Drone Swarms & Radio Wars

    Day 5: Final Challenge Day


*Early bird price through April 30th

Drone Science Camp

Ages 10-13


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Frequently asked questions

  • What will students need?

    A laptop for programming and curious attitude. Breakfast and snacks are included. Students should bring their own lunch or arrange to purchase through LocoSummer.

    Should students know robotics or coding?

    Little-to-no prior experience in robotics and programming is required. Any student who is driven to learn is welcome! Students with a background knowledge of robotics will also be able to expand their skills. Students will be instructed by university professors and high school teachers who are enthusiastic about helping kids learn.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    Refund requests can be made prior to a week before the summer camp sessions starts and registration costs will be refunded at 50%. No refunds will be issued less than one week prior of start date. You may transfer your registration to another person at no cost. Please contact LocoRobo for any cancellation and transfer requests.

  • Are there family and multi-camp discounts?

    Yes. There is a 10% off discount for two camps or more per family. This can be applied to two children attending the same camp or 1 child attending both camps. Please contact LocoRobo for a code to use during the registration process.

    Is there any financial aid available?

    Scholarships are available. Please contact LocoRobo for details.

    What if I need to drop my child off early or pick them up late?

    Your child can be dropped 30 minutes earlier than camp starts and picked up 1 hr after camp ends for no additional charge. If you need additional time on either end, please contact LocoRobo to make arrangements and there will be an additional charge.

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