Empower your students with the technology of the future with the award-winning LocoDrone

  • LocoDrone Pioneer

    • Build Kit
    • Visual Coding

    • Grades 3-5
    • Science
      Engineering, Mechanics
    • 30 Lessons and Challenges
  • LocoDrone Explorer

    • Python Coding

    • Grades 6-8
    • Physics,
      Engineering, Mechanics
    • 24+ Lessons and Challenges
  • LocoDrone Voyager

    • Python Coding
    • Java Coding
    • Grades 8-12
    • Physics, Statistics,
      Engineering, Mechanics
    • 60+ Lessons and Challenges
  • Drones are the technology of choice for future aerial transportation.

    • Immerse students in technical challenges

      • Aerodynamics
      • Aeronautics
      • Control Theory
      • Sensory Aerial Robotics Design
    • Teach students real-world skills for career readiness

      • Industry Standard Python or Java Coding (AP CSA)
      • Sensor Data Analysis and Decision-Making
      • Data Visualization
      • Multi-Robotics with LocoXtreme
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How It Works

  • Robot and BLE Dongle

    Classroom Indoor Drone With Protective Frame
    Build it or get it fully assembled

  • LocoRobo Academy Coding Platform

    Codable Drone Controller in Python or Java

  • LocoRobo Academy Lessons

    Drone Data Visualizations

  • Image Thumbnail

    60+ Lessons and Challenges

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  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

  • Common Core Standards

  • State Science Standards

  • Windows

  • Mac OS

  • Linux

  • Chromebook

"The LocoDroneĀ is the perfect mix of STEM and Computer ScienceĀ -- after I introduced this drone in my class, my students and curriculum made a solid transition to real-world STEM knowledge and Python programming skills."

Webinar LocoDrone Demo With LocoRobo

Join LocoRobo Founder, Pramod Abichandani for a live introduction to the LocoDrone and LocoRobo Academy.

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  • LocoDrone

    Codable drone controller and classroom safe drone

  • LocoRobo Academy

    Coding platform and lesson library with teaching materials

  • Elastic Education

    Curriculum for High School and University

Why Teachers Love LocoDrone

  • Real-World Coding

    Code drone commands and behavior with industry standard Python code.

  • Teach like An Expert

    Tons of videos, code, lesson plans and projects. No coding teaching experience required.

  • Top Notch Training and Tech Support

    Our engineers and educators will respond within 12 hours to any queries

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Why Students Need LocoDrone

  • Incredible Engagement Levels

    Students experience a sense of wonder through project based learning (PBL)

  • College Readiness

    Modern careers in robotics, coding, sensor technologies, and data science.

  • Collaborative Learning

    Students learn to work in teams to solve complex, real-world challenges

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