You give the roots, we give the wings.

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings." - Henry Ward Beecher

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    Bring Technological, Scientific and Digital Literacy to Your Students. Effortlessly.

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    K-12 and University Students

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    Curriculum for K-12 Robotics, Programming, Sensors, Physics, and Statistics

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The Most Dynamic K-12 STEM Pathway Through Career-Based Physical Computing

  • LocoXtreme Thumbnail

    LocoXtreme: Autonomous Robots

  • LocoDrone Thumbnail

    LocoDrone: Semi-Autonomous Drones

  • LocoWear Thumbnail

    LocoWear: Wearable Technology

  • LocoArm Thumbnail

    LocoArm: Advanced Manufacturing and Automation

  • LocoAI Thumbnail

    LocoAI: Computer vision-based Artificial Intelligence

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What We Do

We understand that schools across the world are engaged in various stages and transitions in offering computer science and modern technology at multiple levels within K-12.

  • ignite

    Ignite 21st Century Students Through Career-Based Physical Computing

    We introduce students to the cutting-edge technology and critical thinking that powers 21st Century innovation.

  • lifelong

    Empower Teachers As Facilitators of Lifelong Learners

    We help teachers and school districts develop a modern pedagogical ecosystem and facilitative learning environment from any experience level.

  • ccr

    Bridge The Gap To College and Career Readiness

    The LocoRobo Ecosystem empowers students with the real-world knowledge and skills that can be directly applied to their work towards University STEM degrees and careers.

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  • CSTA
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  • Common Core
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  • “LocoRobo is committed to crafting educational products that will engage students with real-word STEM applications. Their experience not only as college professors but as consultants and industry grant recipients shows their cutting-edge ability and drives their educational philosophy. I need to keep my classroom experiences relevant and leading-edge in this rapidly changing technological world. I want my students to believe they can pursue a STEM career if they so desire. Working with LocoRobo helps me realize these goals.”

    -Mike P. Science Department Head, New Jersey

  • "Great success our first year with LocoXtreme robots. Hands down the best level of engagement all year. The robots provide all of the ingredients necessary to make beginner coders feel successful. Plus, they help develop a wide range of skill sets: problem solving, communication, collaboration and more."

    -Tammy M. STEM Teacher, New York

  • “I am glad I found LocoRobo! The LocoXtreme robots have been a great way to teach programming to my high school students. They can now physically see the programming concepts being put into action. The online lessons are well planned to be fun and engaging for the students, while being helpful for the teacher. The lessons and LocoXtreme robots can used by any CS teacher, even with limited coding experience.”

    -Seth B. Computer Science Teacher, Georgia

  • “LocoRobo played an especially important role in my 4 year program as a resource for my students to visually see their coding skills in action. The students used LocoXtreme to map out a major STEM project they were working on for the year to simulate semi-autonomous driving. Students will learn a massive amount of coding, problem-solving skills, and logical reasoning. These are indispensable tools for life that spark creativity and interest - why wouldn't you get it?!”

    Brent G. Computer Science Teacher, Tennessee


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