Immerse 21st Century Students In A Modern Robotics Ecosystem To Forge Their Way Into The Future

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." - Bill Gates

  • Building Technology-Driven Innovators

    The only complete career-based STEM and CS pathway of Ground Robots, Drones, Wearables, Arms, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence

  • College and Career Connections

    Straight from university labs and commercial R&D into K-12 classrooms to build career readiness

  • By Teachers, For Teachers

    Modern pedagogy and assessment created by an award-winning university professor and top notch professional development for seamless efficacy

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The Most Dynamic K-12 STEM Pathway Through Career-Based Physical Computing

  • LocoXtreme Ground Robots

    LocoXtreme: Autonomous Robots

  • Locodrone robotics

    LocoDrone: Semi-Autonomous Drones

  • Innovative technology with LocoWear

    LocoWear: Wearable Technology

  • Innovative technology with LocoArm

    LocoArm: Advanced Manufacturing and Automation

  • Innovative technology with LocoIoT

    LocoIoT: Internet of Things

  • Innovative technology with LocoAI

    LocoAI: Computer vision-based Artificial Intelligence

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What We Do

We understand that schools across the world are engaged in various stages and transitions in offering computer science and modern technology at multiple levels within K-12.

  • ignite

    Ignite 21st Century Students Through Career-Based Physical Computing

    We introduce students to the cutting-edge technology and critical thinking that powers 21st Century innovation with an exciting ecosystem of robots, drones, wearable devices, robotic arms, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence.

  • lifelong

    Empower Teachers As Facilitators of Lifelong Learners

    We help teachers and school districts develop a modern pedagogical ecosystem and facilitative learning environment from any experience level.

  • tools

    Provide Effective and Efficient Assessment

    We provide modern formative and summative assessment tools for complex and multidisciplinary fields.

  • ccr

    Bridge The Gap To College and Career Readiness

    The LocoRobo Ecosystem empowers students with the real-world knowledge and skills that can be directly applied to their work towards University STEM degrees and careers.

  • cs

    Partner to Expand STEM and Computer Science

    We collaborate with schools to build STEM, Computer Science, and CTE Pathways with standards-aligned K-12 curriculum and professional development.

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The LocoRobo Academy Trains Teachers To Facilitate The Journey Of Lifelong Learners

  • Unmatched Curriculum

    In-depth, industry level content and lesson plans free teachers to focus on teaching

  • Flexible Courses

    Scale from weeks to multi-year pathways in K-12 STEM, CS, CTE, and Engineering programs

  • Self-Guided Learning

    Designed to support differentiation, project-based, collaborative, and individualized learning

  • Video Tutorials

    Short videos provide visual engagement with code examples, physical concepts, and computer science principles.

  • Formative Assignments

    Worksheets, mini-projects, and capstone projects take coding to the next level with scientific approach, critical thinking, and multidisciplinary applications.

  • Assessment Tools

    Teacher guides, course rubrics, code examples, and solution videos for formative and summative assessment.

  • NGSS
  • CSTA
  • ISTE
  • Common Core
  • All State Standards
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  • Professional Development: Create A Modern Pedagogical Ecosystem For Forward-Looking Classrooms

    We help teachers and school districts develop tools for creating successful, facilitative learning environments from any experience level.

Webinar, Onsite, and Hybrid Training Packages Available

  • Bring Modern Robotics To The Classroom

    Learn how to successfully introduce ground robots, drones, wearable devices, robotic arms and Internet of Things with LocoRobo's content, pedagogy, and assessment tools

  • Programming Fundamentals
    For Teachers

    Hands-on training for experiential learning in Python, Java, Javascript, and C++ with Robotics!

  • K-12 Pathway Design
    For Districts

    Custom curriculum design for your STEM Pathways, Computer Science Programs, and Career Tracks

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Some Of Our Partners

  • New York Ciy Department of Education
  • Broward County
  • Clark County School District
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Philadelphia Public Schools
  • Williamson County Schools
  • Arlington Independent School District
  • Hernando County
  • Paradise Valley Unified School District
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"LocoRobo is committed to crafting educational products that will engage students with real-word STEM applications. Their experience not only as college professors but as consultants and industry grant recipients shows their cutting-edge ability and drives their educational philosophy. I need to keep my classroom experiences relevant and leading-edge in this rapidly changing technological world. I want my students to believe they can pursue a STEM career if they so desire. Working with LocoRobo helps me realize these goals"

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