Be Prepared For All Scenarios With Remote Robotics/CS

Engage Students In Robotics and Coding Curriculum Built For Hybrid/Remote Learning - Chromebook, Windows, and Mac Compatible

  • Home Hardware Kits

    Affordable personal sensor kits and drones for students at home

  • Online-Only Curriculum

    Robotics courses independent of physical hardware

  • Robotics Simulation

    Explore coding and robotics with our online simulator

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Affordable Home Hardware Kits For Hands-On Learning At Home With Physical Computing

  • LocoIoT

    LocoIoT Home Edition For MS/HS

    • Explore internet-connected applications for solving real-world problems (Internet of Things Technology)

    • Home kit for each student

    • Python coding + sensor data analysis + physical outputs

    • Build internet-connected devices + mobile and web applications

  • LocoDrone

    LocoXtreme Ground Robot Home Edition For MS/HS

    • Explore modern robotics

    • Home kit for each student

    • Python coding + sensor data analysis

    • Real-world robotics applications

  • LocoArm

    LocoArm Edition For MS/HS

    • Explore modern industrial automation

    • Home kit for each student

    • Python coding + sensor data analysis

    • Applications for manufacturing and automation

  • LocoDrone

    LocoDrone Home Edition For MS/HS

    • Explore career-based drone technology and software

    • Home kit for each student

    • Python coding + sensor data analysis

    • Semi-autonomous drone flight applications

  • LocoDrone

    LocoWear Home Edition For MS/HS

    • Explore wearable technology

    • Home kit for each student

    • Python coding + sensor data analysis

    • Applications for gesture game control, sports/fitness performance analysis, human motion detection

  • LocoAI

    LocoAI Home Edition For HS

    • Explore Artificial Intelligence Technology

    • Home kit for each student

    • Python coding + Raspberry Pi + camera

    • Create AI applications using computer vision and neural networks

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Online-Only Courses To Empower Students For Impactful Careers in Robotics, Drones, and AI

Multidisciplinary Modern Robotics curriculum for foundational knowledge, career-based skills, and certifications

  • Step 1

    LocoPython for HS and MS

    Web-based Python curriculum for preparing students to pass the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) “Introduction to Programming Using Python” certification

  • Step 2

    LocoFly for HS

    Complete online course to prepare students to pass the FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test for commercial drone pilot certification

  • Step 3

    LocoSim for MS and HS

    Foundational Robotics and Python coding curriculum using a virtual robotics simulator

  • Step 4

    Drone Science and Applications for ES, MS, and HS

    Explore drones as a powerful robotic system for solving real-world problems. Teach drone science, career applications, and introductory FAA Part 107 material

  • Step 4

    LocoCAD for ES, MS, and HS

    Master the principals of 3D design for Robotics

  • Step 4

    Intro To Robotics For ES

    Explore the foundations of Robotics technology and real-world applications with a project-based learning experience

  • Step 4

    Space Robotics Unit For ES

    Discover themes in space robotics and planet science

  • Step 4

    Medical Robotics Unit For ES

    Learn about the dynamic systems that make up the world of medical robotics

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Professional Development: Create A Modern Pedagogical Ecosystem For Forward-Looking Blended and Remote Classrooms

We help teachers and school districts develop tools for creating successful, facilitative online learning environments from any experience level.

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"We are moving at a slower pace as expected, but the students are doing a great job. The upgrades that were made on the Learn-locorobo platform are excellent. I was worried how I was going to pull off teaching robotics in a virtual setting. Your TEAM has helped make this transition very smooth, so HATS OFF TO YOU!!!"

Jon, Computer Science Teacher Georgia

Compatible and Accessible

  • Windows

  • Mac OS

  • Chromebook

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