LocoRobo 2020 Middle School Robot and Drone Design Competition

  • 2020 Robotics Design Competition
    • Want to register your class for the high school competition? Please click here.

    • Details

      • Registration Deadline: April 15th, 2020

      • Submission Deadline: May 15th, 2020

      • All submissions must be made to LocoRobo through a teacher or other K-12 adult personnel.

      • Prizes: 1st ($500), 2nd ($250), and 3rd ($100) cash prizes will be awarded

      • See below for design submission specifications

Middle School Submisson Specifications

    • Conceptual Specifications

      • The robot design must be a flying robot or ground rover or robotic arm or humanoid or underwater robot or some type of innovative hybrid design

      • The robot design must have a purpose.

      • The robot design must incorporate 1 or more sensors into the design (research and find actual components).

    • Design Specifications

      • Use Tinkercad or SketchUp

      3D Software Formats: Tinkercad, Sketchup

      • Must design a drone or robot.

      • Must be to actual scale.

      • You are free to design separate parts but they must assemble as one design.

      • It cannot be a weapon.

      • No pre-designed components that are not of a mechanical nature. (Gears = allowed / Dinosaur skeleton = not allowed).

      • Submit an STL file.

    • Drone/Robot Minimum Criteria

      • Must be a mobile design.

      • Must be a practical/possible design.

      • Must have a control system.

      • Autonomous control capabilities are acceptable.

      • Physical controller does not need to be designed if it is not attached.

    • Written Essay and Video Submission

      • A screen-capture video that is 3.5 minutes or less with narration and a 500-word essay about the design.

      • Please be careful to not include students in the video submissions for student privacy reasons.

      • Speaking/Writing Topics:

      - Personal Design Process

      - Purpose of the drone/robot

      - Usage of the drone/robot

      - Sensors used in the drone/robot

      - You can include images and diagrams as visual aids

      - It must be submitted as a PDF format

      • Scoring criteria will be provided to all registrants.

    • How to Submit

      • CAD Files:

      - Please collect all CAD files for the design entry and zip them into one folder.

      - Please name this zipped folder as follows: SN_TN_GN_CADfiles.zip, where,

      SN = School Name

      TN = Teacher Name

      GN = Group Number

      For example:

      SN: AwesomeHS

      TN: MegSmith

      GN: Group1

      • Please upload the following 3 files on Google Drive or Dropbox or One Drive or Box.com

      - Zipped folder with your CAD designs: SN_TN_GN_CADfiles.zip

      - Essay: SN_TN_GN_Essay.pdf

      - Video: SN_TN_GN_Video (any video format will work)

      • Please send us the link to these files via email at [email protected] — the subject of the email should be SN_TN_GN

      • Only submissions that are sent from registered Teacher/Mentor emails will be accepted.

      • No emails, registrations, or design entries that are submitted directly by students will be accepted, for student privacy reasons.