Empower your students for the future with experiential and hands-on learning

  • LocoXtreme Ground Robots

    Project Based Learning (PBL) curriculum for real-world coding and robotics beyond the bricks.
    Elastic education for K-2, 3-7 and 8-12.

  • Locodrone robotics

    Grades 6-8, 9-12: Explore real-world coding and robotics through the modern, aerial technology that is shaping the future of problem-solving in medical, commercial and space applications.

  • Innovative technology with LocoWear

    Grades 6-8, 9-12: Apply real-world coding and sensor technology to develop the health monitoring and performance analysis applications that are driving the Quantified Self movement and modernizing the healthcare industry.

  • Innovative technology with LocoDrone

    Grades K-2: An interactive exploration into the science behind sensors, light, and sound of robotics technology. 100+ STEAM lessons covering core science, math, social studies and language arts.

Webinar Product Demos With LocoRobo

Join the LocoRobo team for a live introduction to the LocoRobo Coding and Robotics Ecosystem

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  • Modern Hardware

    Ground robots, drones and wearable devices

  • LocoRobo Academy

    Coding platform and lesson library with teaching materials

  • Elastic Education

    Curriculum for Middle School, High School and University and engagement for Elementary School levels

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